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Dek Hockey

Dek Hockey - 6 Weeks For $165

Dek Hockey is a running game played similar to ice hockey with the exception that body checking is not allowed.  Running, stick-handling, passing and shooting are the basic qualities which provide an exciting and fast paced game.

Our dek hockey classes will teach the young athlete the basic fundamentals of the game. Designed for boys and girls, our program will focus on running, stick-handling, passing, shooting and different game tactics.

At Give It Your All Sports, we pride ourselves on providing a fun, non-threatening environment for children to enhance their skills and build the foundations for a very exciting athletic lifestyle.  

We will work with your child to increase their skill level and also work on areas that need improvement.

Our instructors have accumulated much knowledge in which they are eager to share. Their friendly approach to the sport will encourage your child to want to learn at their pace and challenge themselves at an even faster pace.

All classes are one-hour long.

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