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Soccer - 5 Weeks For $125

Soccer is the world’s sport. Soccer originated in England in the 1830’s as an activity for the working class communities to keep kids out of trouble. This sport grew rapidly to be liked among all different classes of people. The values of teamwork, leadership and character were instilled in the kids.


The sport came over the US in the mid 1860s’, and while it has not been embraced by front-line media, every little boy and girl has played this game at least once in their lifetime.


At Give It Your All Sports, we believe that this world sport is one of the best ways to get children into the “game”, the game of physical activity, the game of sportsmanship, the game of life. We believe that kids should be active and stay strong.


At Give It Your All Sports, we will work with your child to increase their skill level and work on areas that need improvement. Game tactics will be implemented during all our structured lessons.


Please call us to discuss our training sessions.  We welcome the opportunity to provide you with individual training lessons as well as your whole team.


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